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    “The iA Case Law Tracker has taken the drudgery out of legal research for me."

    • Sharp, compact synopses of credit and collections-relevant case law - FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA
    • At-a-glance analysis of decision outcomes
    • An intuitive, industry-tailored search interface that lets you start tracking cases and trends instantly - no training required 
    • Weekly new-case digests sent directly to your inbox
  • Get the credit and collections case law analysis, insight and trends you need in a fraction of the time.


    iA Case Law Tracker is a true alternative to big case law databases. It's PACKED with tight synopses of industry-relevant cases, at-a-glance analysis, and easy search functionality designed for professionals in credit and collections, just like you. Plus, it includes the tightest, sharpest and most comprehensive new decision alert service in the market.


    In short, this is a case law database tailored to your needs and with all the extraneous junk removed. You will absolutely save considerable time and thousands of dollars with the iA Case Law Tracker.


    The Case Law Tracker is designed to be used immediately, with no training necessary. Need to look into recent case law trends this week? See how fast it is with the Case Law Tracker. Sign up for a free trial today.

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    Stay current on new, relevant cases

    Industry news highlights selected court decisions, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA rulings. The iA Case Law Tracker keeps up with them all.

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    Find and evaluate cases quickly

    Each decision is broken down into a snapshot, allowing you an at-a-glance understanding of the ruling and the judge’s reasoning. No more slogging through 40-page court documents only to find out the ruling isn't relevant.

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    See the trends that relate to your business

    Search by critical details, such as by date, statute, issue, type of debt, or how the judge in question has ruled in the past on specific issues. Your legal risk profile is unique. Get case law data tailored to your profile.

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    Design & execute your strategy with confidence

    When it comes to litigation or compliance strategy, knowledge is power. The Case Law Tracker allows you to determine quickly whether a lawsuit or threat of suit is worth fighting or should be settled.

  • What Subscribers Say


    "I need to stay on top of legal developments so I can quickly interpret them in the context of our operations and report changes to senior management. Additionally, I need to understand how courts are ruling on consumer claims so that I can assess their legitimacy and valuation. The iA Case Law Tracker has been a wonderful development to aid me in this regard. The easy-to-read digests of relevant case law help me to get to the root of a legal issue, and I no longer need to spend time with keyword/Boolean searches trying to find appropriate rulings. The iA Case Law Tracker has replaced traditional legal research, helped us stay current, and made us more efficient.”



    -Judd Peak, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel, Frost-Arnett Company

    "The Case Law Tracker is massively useful - especially with how intuitive and easy to use the search is, and with how easy it is to understand the case tiles. I love how it is tailored to the debt collection industry, as opposed to everything-under-the-sun tools, like Bloomberg."


    -Rocky Landoll, Director of Legal, ERC

    I love this service. Very well set up and easy to use.


    -Joann Needleman, Member, Clark Hill, PLC

    “Can this be used in place of Westlaw? Yes. iA Case Law Tracker enables the user to readily focus on the legal issue at hand, within the scope of the ARM industry. It’s easy to use, a huge time saver and a terrific new resource!”



    -Trudy Weiss Craig, VP and General Counsel, Unifund

  • Who is iA Case Law Tracker for?



    Keep up with industry case law on your own, find the legal trends applicable to your risk profile, get the insight you need to evaluate suits in front of you and craft a stronger, more agile legal and compliance strategy.



    Track the case law trends relevant to you and follow decisions relevant to your collection agencies/firms.


    Outside Counsel

    Follow industry case law efficiently to better advise clients. Quickly find and assess cases that support your arguments when defending lawsuits. Give junior associates a way to get up-to-speed on case law trends quickly.

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