• What Subscribers Say

    The iA Case Law Tracker more than paid for itself before we even subscribed.

    ERC’s litigation defense and I participated as a beta tester for the Case Law Tracker. We were in the middle of defending litigation in Wisconsin during the test. Within a few minutes, I was able to use the Case Law Tracker to quickly find two positive rulings from the same exact judge regarding the same exact issue. I sent these cases to plaintiff’s attorney, reiterated there was no merit, and the case was dismissed.

    This would have taken hours of research using traditional “big box” legal search engines. Instead, I was able to save thousands of dollars in legal defense or settlement costs, all thanks to the Case Law Tracker. The Case Law Tracker is now the first thing I check when new litigation comes through the pipeline, and it has become an indispensable tool for ERC.


    -Rocky Landoll, Director of Legal, ERC



    We already subscribe to a large legal research engine and I didn’t think we’d need iA Case Law Tracker. I was wrong.

    I tried the iA Case Law Tracker through the free trial and I was sold before the trial was over. I was impressed at how quickly I was able to find relevant cases. It’s evident that this tool was designed by someone who has been in my shoes—the search parameters are very intuitive. The case tiles that summarize court decisions are easy to read and provide you all the relevant information upfront, saving you from having to read endless pages of decisions.

    When I searched for characteristics relating to one of our cases out of New Jersey, I found a bunch of decisions against the same plaintiff’s counsel where the court rejected the exact same claim. I was able to use this information in negotiations, and the iA Case Law Tracker ended up paying for itself right then and there. We subscribed right away.

    This is the perfect tool for in-house counsel needing to make quick but informed decisions on whether or not a case is worth fighting.


    -Chris Meier, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, The CMI Group



    I love this service. Very well set up and easy to use.


    -Joann Needleman, Member, Clark Hill, PLC



    “iA Case Law Tracker enables the user to readily focus on the legal issue at hand, within the scope of the ARM industry. It’s easy to use, a huge time saver and a terrific new resource!”


    -Trudy Weiss Craig, VP and General Counsel, Unifund