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    Case Law Tracker gives you:

    • Extremely compact TCPA, FDCPA and FCRA case law alerts and analysis with color-coded, at-a-glance analysis, making it easy for you to assess new cases and trends in seconds.
    • Coverage of all the industry relevant decisions that matter to your business, not just the ones make the headlines.
    • A format designed to enhance your research efficiency. Assess the sweep of new cases quickly and dive into relevant cases or trends with one click. 


    If you spend more than 6 minutes sorting through new case law news, you are wasting too much time.










    60 Seconds / 5 Minutes / 1 Click

    60 seconds plus 5 minutes and a click. That's 6 minutes to cut through the noise of new weekly decisions and get to that critical signal: the subset of new cases that matter to your business.


    Here is how Case Law Tracker reduces weekly new case law research time to 6 minutes:



    Review weekly trends in 60 seconds.

    All bullets, no fluff. Get the comprehensive weekly industry case law run-down you need in 60 seconds with Case Law Tracker's "Week in Review" - a super compact overview of new, collections-relevant cases - sent to your inbox like clockwork.


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  • Assess new case relevance in 5 minutes.

    Find out which cases warrant further investigation at-a-glance with Case Law Tracker's compact analysis - which is included in the same alert email. Check for critical details such as overall industry impact, statute, and relevant compliance issues. 5 minutes - you're done.


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  • Go deep with 1 click.

    Find a relevant case? One click takes you directly from Case Law Tracker alert emails to the single case view - an expanded treatment of the relevant decision. Here, you can see more of the critical case details, download the full decision PDF, or search related cases by parameters, details or terms that matter to you.


    Put Case Law Tracker in your inbox.


    "I used Case Law Tracker to search for characteristics related to one of our New Jersey cases and found decisions against the same plaintiff’s counsel where the court rejected the same claim. I used this in negotiations. The Tracker paid for itself right then.


    We already subscribed to a large legal research engine. I didn’t think we’d need Case Law Tracker. I was wrong."

    - Chris Meier, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, The CMI Group



    Cut through new case law research in a fraction of the time. Let your expertise do the rest.

    • Designed and handcrafted by accounts receivable legal and editorial experts for accounts receivable legal and compliance professionals. 
    • Assess new case law and emerging case law trends in just minutes per week.
    • Move quickly from extremely condensed, easy-to-absorb analysis to deeper case and trend analysis, but only for cases and trends that matter to your business.
    • For collections attorneys, operational stakeholders or anyone who routinely reviews case law - at agencies, debt buyers, and creditor firms - who value faster, more efficient, more comprehensive case law risk assessment.
    iA Case Law Tracker can cut your new case law research time to 6 minutes.
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